About us

About us

Our Vision

EcoAfrica is a group of companies that provides exceptional dedication and service to our clients while protecting the environment and improving the lives of people at the same time. We aim to successfully influence people, organisations, systems and processes across the globe towards environmental, social and economic best practice. In this pursuit we work together with governments, NGOs and different stakeholders, correcting the wrongs of the past while instilling healthy and enduring values for the future. The overall objective is to foster the development of sustainable livelihoods and in doing so make our Planet a more secure place.

Working principles

Our companies;

  • Maintain a highly effective integrated team of core experts, associations and people in the field - with a reputation for excellence
  • Place sustainability and equitable development at the heart of everything we do
  • Recruit and cultivate key integrated conservation and development skills in our people
  • Have up to date knowledge on existing and emerging development processes and how to successfully move them along
  • Pursue a ‘hand in hand’ not ‘us and them’ approach in working with our clients and local counterparts
  • Work closely with governments, NGOs, the private sector and communities to achieve sustainable solutions that can be replicated as far as possible
  • Place high premium on information sharing through all medias, networks and structures
  • Seek out innovative techniques and new approaches for sustainable development
  • Work in a collaborative manner that devolves capacity and promotes the mutual sharing of perspectives and insights

Common core values

Our team members;

  • Are interested in or have a deep understanding of how people and the environment interact
  • Have made a career commitment to the company
  • Have made a commitment to serve our clients with loyalty and confidentiality
  • Have a collaborative and involving working style
  • Have a holistic view of global and local issues
  • Have high levels of honesty and personal integrity
  • Are genuinely motivated by the vision of the company
  • Truly respect and enjoy working in an environment reflecting diversity
  • Are highly profession and delivery focused


Our companies;

  • Practise sound financial and project management that produces optimal results
  • Mentor, support and build the capacity of our own staff, associates and clients
  • Engage knowledge management techniques that promote information sharing
  • Develop strong and lasting relationships with clients without creating dependencies
  • Provide high quality technical applications, services and advice
  • Effectively market and promote EcoAfrica and the projects that it assists
  • Develop the EcoAfrica platform to be a springboard for ourselves and our clients
  • Be innovative in developing new skills and mechanisms and adapting them to different environments
  • To engage and build strong and enduring networks that will advance sustainable outcomes


EcoAfrica is a group of independently registered companies with offices in South Africa (Cape Town and Tshwane), Mozambique, Tanzania and Namibia. Download the company flyers in PDF format below.